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Historian exposes "Victorians Secrets" at Downton Abbey inspired tea

Monona Public Library invites you to an Afternoon Tea at Mononaton Library, Sunday, May 4 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. This event befitting British gentry will be replete with high tea treats, live chamber music and an entertaining “Victorians’ Secrets” presentation by Leslie Bellais, Wisconsin State Historical Society curator. The fundraiser kicks off a series of celebrations marking the library’s 50 years of service to the community through its collections, collaborations and programs.

“We’re excited to be hosting this event,” said Erick Plumb, director of Monona Public Library.

“This will be a can’t miss afternoon! Get ready to enjoy fantastic food, Victorian gossip, trivia games, live music and a photo op with a 1916 Peerless automobile. Plus the event supports one of the best causes ever – a terrific public library. Even the BBC’s Grantham family would enjoy a special afternoon at Monona Library.”

Trivia event raises $15k to buy school iPads

The Winnequah School's Friends of Technology hosted its third annual Team Trivia Event and Silent Auction on Feb. 22 and raised $15,400 to purchase iPads for the grade school... Read More

'Seasonal Chefs' program focuses on diner food for March

Monona Public Library will host an event featuring Chef Matt Pace of Monty’s Blue Plate Diner and Bassett Street Brunch Club on March 5 at 6 p.m. The event is part of the library’s “Seasonal Chefs” series.

This event will focus on diner food. Chef Pace will demonstrate how diner food has progressed through the years, and discuss keeping food local, sustainable, and on trend.  The event will include dishes for tasting.

The “Seasonal Chef’s series is a part of Monona Public Library’s 50th year celebration. It features chefs from local restaurants. It includes demonstrations, tastings and a Q&A session.

The program is free and open to everyone age 12 and up.

Monona Public Library asks that you register in advance. Register online at www.mononalibrary.org or by phone at (608) 222-6127.

Parisi honors Monona’s Gaffin for 25 years of service

Dane County Executive Joe Parisi thanked Monona resident Steven Gaffin for his  25 years of service to the residents of Dane County... Read More

Monona Public Library Hosts Crafting Workshop

Monona Public Library is hosting a craft workshop Wednesday February 5th at 6 p.m. The workshop is designed to encourage patrons to discover their crafting skills, find their inner muse and explore crafting methods.

The workshop is free but supplies are limited so registration is strongly suggested.  Led by artist Jennifer Falkowski, the Fearless Crafting program has been holding workshops for adults and teens for over three years. 

The workshop is open to people ages 12 and up.

Real horsepower needed to clear Monona woods

With light snow falling and a biting wind blowing, Duchess was hard at work last Friday afternoon helping clear undesirable trees out of Woodland Park which is located just off Monona Drive... Read More

Solar project receives innovation award

The city of Monona was awarded with the Most Innovative Renewable Energy Project in 2013 by a state renewable energy non-profit, RENEW.

According to a release, the city was honored for its use of solar arrays on the rooftop of three municipal buildings including city hall, the public library and the public works garage. A fouth array will be connected atop the public works department Jan. 23.

The solar arrays produce more than 210,000 kilowatt-hours equating to 30% of the building's combined energy use, according to the release.

With the addition of a fourth solar array, the Monona project will become the largest solar project serving a municipality in Wisconsin.